Product Application Instructions:


All fibrous plaster products should, after fixing, be painted with either matt or low sheen paint finish.


Cornices and panelmoulds are easily cut using a saw. After fixing make good the joints and any nail heads with filler. (Plaster or pollyfiller)


Check that the surface where the cornice is to be fixed is sound. Slight deviations in surface flatness will not be noticed in the finished job.

To position the cornice correctly, it is helpful to have guidelines around the walls and ceiling, these are obtained as follows. Cut a short piece of cornice from a length to use as a template. Hold it so that it fits into the angle between the ceiling and wall and pencil lines along both either side of the corner. Repeat this all round the room at all the corners including any external ones, such as chimney breasts and then join all the corner marks to establish continuous lines around the walls and ceiling. The ceiling line is the line to which the cornice should be fitted as this is the line where straightness is most noticeable.

The cornice is fixed with rhinobed or nailed to the wall and where possible to ceiling brandering. These can easily be located by probing with a nail inside the ceiling guideline where marks would eventually be hidden by the cornice. The position of brandering can be marked in pencil outside the guidelines for ease of location when actually fixing the cornice. Commence fixing the cornice at an internal corner and ideally you should choose the one that is seen first when entering a room. Having mitred the ends which form the corner (see cutting a mitre) spread the rhinobed on the backs of the cornices where they will be in contact with the walls and ceiling, then squeeze them into the angle between the wall and ceiling as tightly as possible. Hammer in the nails, knocking them fully home using a counter - sink. Fill top/bottom nail holes, mitres and joints with plaster. Clean off excess material, before it gets hard. Brush away loose material with a wet paint brush.